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About Kelly

Hello and welcome! I am Kelly – therapist, Aha Certified Peaceful Parenting Coach and mom to three young children. kelly b_opt

I have a Master’s degree in Counseling Psychology and for many years, I worked as a therapist in outpatient mental health, addiction and trauma programs. I loved this work and found it incredibly gratifying to help another person change, heal and grow. After the birth of my twin daughters four years ago, I decided to put my therapist job on hold and stay home full-time with my daughters.

Like most parents, I wanted to be a great mom and raise great kids.  As a therapist, I was good at welcoming emotions, being patient and not taking things personally, but then enter children to the picture and it gets a lot harder to regulate because parenting really is the hardest work we will ever do.  I realized I needed more training becoming the kind of parent I wanted to be, so I started reading lots of different parenting books, parenting blogs, and the latest research on attachment theory and brain development.   I found Dr. Laura Markham’s book, Peaceful Parents, Happy Kids, and it transformed me, my understanding of my children and their behavior, and my approach to parenting.

Whether you have one child or four, parenting is a ton of work!  For me, peaceful parenting made parenting feel so much more enjoyable and satisfying and my children became more cooperative and better able to understand and manage their emotions. Sadly, parents in our society receive little to no training, education and guidance when they become parents.  No wonder parents feel exhausted, discouraged and defeated by parenting.   Noticing this real need and deficit, I decided to shift careers from therapist to parenting coach.  I was fortunate enough to be accepted into Dr. Laura Markham’s (Psychologist and Founder of Aha! Parenting) intensive training program and learn from the BEST about how to support parents and families in their journey to find the peace in parenting.

“One generation of deeply loving parents would change the brains of the next generation, and with that, the world” (Charles Raison). I wholeheartedly believe this statement and would love to help you become the parent you want to be!