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Happy Parents

“I’m so happy to have had Kelly work with me. I’ve done the online Peaceful Parent Happy Kids class with Dr. Laura, which was one of the best parenting decisions I ever made. I used many skills I learned with my oldest. They were all useful and powerful! As my youngest got older, I realized that I wasn’t doing the same with her.  Kelly took the time to listen with such an open heart to my story and asked so many great questions so she could really understand where I was at.  She gave me many tools and concrete activities / ideas to do with my 2 year old daughter.  Because of PPD and other emotional issues, I had a difficult time connecting with my youngest. I spoke with Kelly just about a week ago, and already in that time, my relationship with my daughter has changed.  In fact, last night, while I was nursing her, she looked up and said “love you mama”. My heart swelled!  In just that short time of following the suggestions from Kelly, my relationship with her has ALREADY turned around.  I am so grateful! Thank you, Kelly!  I’m so happy and excited to continue finally bonding with my sweet girl.” – Melanie W.

“Kelly helped me adapt a parenting style that allowed me to be more present and patient with my two children (ages 4&2). I cannot imagine parenting any other way at this point. Being a patient and present parent has helped my strong-willed daughter excel in her young life. I have learned many techniques to deal with strong-willed children so my daughter can still keep her spirited personality but we can have a happy household. Kelly has also taught me how to incorporate silly and fun rough housing techniques to deal with my sons hitting behaviors. I am forever grateful for Kelly’s presence in my parenting style! Thank you SO much!” – Rachel W.

“Talking with Kelly helped me see that my efforts to stop my son’s constant whining and hitting weren’t working and resulting in more frustration and conflict in our home.   I did know yelling at him and punishing him weren’t really working, but I felt at a loss and didn’t know what to do.  Now, I’m a lot better regulating myself and more connected with my son and life is feeling much better for all of us!  Thank you!” – Sarah C.

“Kelly is excellent at allowing parents to share how they really feel about parenting and their personal challenges without judgement. She then isolates areas where there is as a growth opportunity. She is a true professional and allows flexibility to suit specific family needs. I made marked strides working with Kelly which in turn positively affected the rest of my family. It was really nice to have an outlet and a place where I could say whatever was on my mind.” – mom of two boys, ages 4 and 6.

“My 5 year old son is a mirror image of me – highly emotional and impossibly strong willed. I found myself screaming at him daily and really falling apart just trying to get him to understand and follow through with simple everyday tasks  This morning, after attending Kelly’s workshop last night, I have these words ingrained in my mind: “Wow, he is really having a hard time” NOT “why is he always giving me such a hard time.”  I apologized to my kids for yelling so much and let them know that I am going to try really hard to hear them more and yell at them less.  Within minutes the power struggle in my home during our busy morning routine dissipated.  My kids got stressed when I am asked them to (after some kind words and long hugs) and ate their breakfast (yes, all of it) at the table with me while I drank my morning tea.  I haven’t sat down in the morning in four years. It’s such a weight lifted off my heart. Being a mom is the hardest job in the world and I am hopeful this is the beginning of a much happier and peaceful home – for us and for our children. I can’t wait to work more with Kelly and learn more about Peaceful Parenting.”  – Mom of two boys, (ages 3 and 5)

“Thank you so much for offering the Peaceful Parenting workshops.  Words cannot express how grateful I am to connect with you and your workshops.  I learned so many practical tools I can apply every day with my children. It has really made a positive shift in our home and greatly benefited our family.  You are great at what you do and what you are giving families is priceless. Thank you so much!” – Letter from Chris T, mom of two children (ages 7 and 9)

“Kelly was an excellent fit to help my family! We have some unique circumstances.  Yet with practical tools, clear explanations, and lots of encouragement, I was able to implement good preventative maintenance, foster connection with my sons, and use that connection to grow good behavior. In short, “discipline” as practiced by Kelly, actually improves relationships rather than damage them! I am still using her verbal scripts to defuse problems and give me a chance to breathe. Other simple, small tweaks have really helped me be a peaceful parent consistently. I truly believe that Kelly is the key in translating Dr. Markham’s philosophy into day-to-day living.  I see her influence daily in my two happy sons, as well as my own, more joyful parenting style.” – Nicole F, mother of two boys (ages 2 and 3)

“Kelly is a great teacher and really helped my husband and I put things in perspective with parenting young children.   She also gave us tools and techniques in dealing with issues that come up and above all she taught us to be more empathic with our kids, which is not easy to remember, but it is so important. The Peaceful Parenting method works and helps us in our daily routines with our 3 and 6 year olds and that is priceless.  If Kelly teaches more workshops, we will definitely be signing up!” – Serena J.

“Kelly is so relatable. She does a great job responding to situational questions. I always leave thinking of many things I want to try!” – Mom of 3 kids who attended Peaceful Parenting 101 and Rethinking Discipline workshops

“My wife and I signed up for 3 sessions with Kelly to help us navigate a tough situation with our 3 year old.  She was having a very hard time with the addition of her new baby brother. Kelly didn’t just tell us what to do, but she rather talked through how we handle different scenarios and gave us suggestions on how to simply tweak the language and approach.  We noticed a difference almost instantaneously.  Kelly also followed-up sessions iwth emails, links to articles, and check in emails to see how we were doing. We are still using the tips and see a much happier, well-adjusted toddler.” – Gabi and Amanda, parents of two kids (ages 3 and 6 months)

“Kelly is the best! She has three kids herself so she really gets it! She will give you tools so you can connect with your children in ways they can understand and that work.  I used to get very frustrated when my kids would “act out” that would leave me feeling very helpless. Being able to go over those situations with Kelly was very valuable as she was able to explain what was going on for them and provide me tools that I could use going forward. She has helped me with just about every topic from potty training to bedtime.  Since speaking with Kelly, I am more connected with my kids and I feel a lot more in control even during tantrums.  She has been a life savior for me!” – Allison W, mom of twins (age 3)